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Below are just some of the thousands of testimonials we have received from Vimax customers.
Testimonials without dates are ones taken from our previous website.
Joseph F. Miami, FL
I heard about penis pills many years ago, and now that Ive tried them Im upset I didn try them years ago. Back then you couldn move on the Internet without seeing ads for a bigger dick. I didn believe a word of it! Vimax though, they stuck around, I kept seeing their name year in and year out at sites Id visit, and so when I finally decided to give it a try and see for myself, I went with Vimax. Im glad I did, the results actually do make a difference! .

Jeremy R. New York, NY
My wife surprised me with some Vimax pills for our anniversary. I felt like I should have bought her a boob job or something, but I guess that would just be mean, even if she could really use one! So I tried the pills out, I didn expect much and was pleasantly surprised when I found my erections lasting longer than usual. So I kept taking the pills, and with each month my erections stayed strong, felt much more powerful and, whether it was a trick of the light or not, I certainly felt like I was wielding a mighty sword between my legs every time I thanked my sexy wife with her thoughtful gift! .

Greg W. Phoenix, AZ
Several years ago I tried three different penis enlargement pills. I needed a bigger penis. I was much smaller than average. None of them worked. I tried the extender, it hurt and didn work for me. I tried creams, I tried exercises. After a year I gave up. Fast-forward to six months ago when randomly an ad for Vimax came across my screen. I recognized the name from several years ago, but I hadn tried them back then. Throwing caution to the wind, I filled out the order form. Now 6 months on I have grown a little and definitely feel more confident. Thanks Vimax for restoring my faith! .

Jason E. San Bruno, CA
My dad bought some of your pills a year ago. He tried them then forgot to keep taking them and left them in the bathroom. While packing for college, on a whim I grabbed them and threw them in with my stuff. In October I started taking them as directed, and come March my whole body was raring to go for Spring Break! College girls are always crazy horny at Spring Break and with months of Vimax on my side I was more than equipped to satisfy quite a few of them! .

Matt D. San Francisco, CA
My husband didn want to take your pills at all, but then I reminded him why he should always try to please me. Suffice it to say, he was good and took the pills when I gave them to him, and after about 4 months I actually noticed a difference! His cock was much harder and he was lasting a lot longer than he ever had in our 11 years of marriage! Persistence is key. He stopped taking them for about three months and I definitely noticed the intensity of his erections had decreased. Thanks to Vimax though, we got him back on track and once again Im experiencing regular orgasms with my husband. .

Darren C. London, UK
Vimax made me feel bigger and look bigger. When I stand in front of the mirror looking at my little friend, hes not quite so little now, and I don feel quite so afraid. Women are scary, they expect so much from you and I could never make them cum. Now with Vimax Ive discovered the longer you last, the more likely you are to satisfy your woman. I thank Vimax for the fact that Ive had the longest-running girlfriend of my whole life in the last six months. Keep up the great work, and please send me a fresh batch! .

Jerome A. Paris, FR
I didn just get a better working penis, I also felt much better within myself. Taking Vimax every day has become as much a part of my routine as my morning coffee, or my afternoon nap. Im 68 years old now, but with Vimax I feel 10 years younger. Sometimes I don think my wife approves quite so much, but Im sure deep inside it tickles her fancy that Im so aroused by her. Not many couples can say 40 years down the road that theye still enjoying a good sex life. Im thankful to say my wife and I are lucky couple indeed! Thanks Vimax! .

Frank S. Houston, TX
I was given a bottle of Vimax as a gag gift at a bachelor party. I laughed along with everyone else, but secretly I was thrilled. Id been wanting to try penis pills for a long time but never had the guts to go and buy any. The gift was a 3 month supply, and it was so good I ordered a fresh supply just 6 weeks after I started taking it. It may have started out tongue in cheek, but I'm grinning from ear to ear with my powerful penis results. .

William F. San Jose, CA
I don know why I picked up the phone and called in an order, but something inside urged me to do it. A guy answered the phone, and I realized Id been holding my breath waiting to hang up if a girl had answered. When the package got to my house nobody could tell what was inside the box. I took each pill with a full glass of water and after a month I saw results. My erections were more frequent and lasted longer. After three months it felt bigger. I just ordered another supply. Thanks for a great product Vimax! .

Lawrence D. Hong Kong, China
A guy I knew at the gym had been having a hard time with his wife, and then one day he didn seem to be anymore. I asked him what happened and he told me he took Vimax pills and they were keeping his whiny woman quiet. Curious, I Googled them and found their site. It was very easy to order and they were delivered quickly. I didn tell my wife what I was doing, but after 7 weeks she herself was moved to say sex was getting much better with me, and what was I doing different? I think Im going to keep my herbal secret to myself and just reap the rewards! .

Rogerio S. Sao Paulo, Brazil
I took Vimax for three months and was very happy with the results. Im also very happy that I can order a twelve month supply and save a bunch of money at the same time. I didn want to order such a large amount to start with, but what I see now after taking it convinces me Im going to keep using Vimax for quite some time!

Satish G. New Delhi, India
Aging is horrible. I don like that my hair is falling out. I don like that I can shift the extra pounds that keep increasing in weight each year. I definitely don like losing the ability to satisfy my wife sexually, and I don like that there are so many more things to dislike! When arousal and lasting power started to become difficult for me, I did a little research online and found Vimax. The surest bet from what I read, Vimax is working for me so far and taking the edge off the discomfort of aging.
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